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About pension

Pension Patrik, Hrušica - Ilirska Bistrica

Pension Patrik is a family business, named after his owner - Patrik.

Between August 2012 - March 2013, the facility was thoroughly renovated and transformed into a nice, functional pension, with associated rooms, sports facilities and a coffee bar. Later on, CamperPark was added as a additional touristic service, with 22 parking lofts in total.


Patrik Pension is an impressive building due to its architecture and position. The business and residential building was planned by a famous architect Pavel Žnidaršič. Stone arches from 1820 decorate the entrance to the building. They have been brought from the ruined Matužin's house in nearby Hrušica and built in the 80s of the previous century.


We offer a comfortable and pleasant stay to all the transitional guests and all those who decide to stay in our pension to see the picturesque landscape Brkini and the Karst part of Matar and Podgrad's valleys or other sights of this place. The concept of pension allows travelling business men to get some peaceful preparation to planned visits (wife free) as well as body relaxation either in our fitness club or on tennis courts.

From the covered terrace on the southern part of the building you can see Snežnik (1791 m), Slavnik (1028 m) and to Čičarija – mountain rage in Istria between Slovenia and Croatia.


The Patrik pension staff is fluent in several world languages (German, English, Italian, Polish, Russian), they also have a passive knowledge of Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian. Patrik


Pension has got two tennis courts (indoor and outdoor) with artificial turf that allows playing throughout the year. The guests of the pension are offered free tennis playing. As a part of Sports park InBlue there is Beach volley court also, that makes young and less young people happy, during summer time.


Tennis Club Hrušica is a home club of Sports park InBlue.

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